• Webbing slings


    Webbing slings are one of the most modern types of lifting slings and are used as devices for lifting different goods at industrial, transport and warehouse companies. The most important advantage of webbing slings is that they don't damage fragile goods. You don't find more delicate, practical and light lifting devices.

    Webbing slings are made of 100% polyester, with a width of 30 mm. up to 300 mm., color coded according to the requirements of EU norms and with black strips,  components for webbing slings (hooks, shackles, links) made of alloy steel grade G80.

    Azovtranskomplekt company manufacturer webbing slings according to own ТУУ 29.2-31190143-001-2007  and EN 1492-1: 2000


    - provided delicate lifting, the cargo isn't deform and damage;

    - highest safety and ease of use;

    - high resistance to aggressive components of the environment

    - high insulating properties;

    - low water absorption;

    - light weight and dimensions during transportation;

    Additional Features

    It is possible to develop and manufacture non-standard products from polyester tape, make different type of webbing sling according to the Customer's request:

    add fittings, horizontal and vertical lifting clamps, working elements, protective cover or edge protection.

    Working Conditions and Security Measures

    For the production of webbing slings, polyester tape (PES) is most often used. Slings of this material have a restriction on the application of the temperature regime - it isn't allowed to use webbing sling at temperatures above 100 ° C, the minimum temperature for using the sling is -60 ° C. During the loading and lifting is recommended to avoid jerks and shocks. Slings can additionally be equipped with protective covers for the transport of goods with a sharp edge. When slinging cargo with complex geometry it's necessary to take into account the location of the center of gravity.

    Eye & eye webbing slings

    Eye & eye webbing slings are extremely versatile as they can be used in choker, vertical, or basket hitches. Designed with a flat loop eye on each end, they’re sometimes also called a flat web sling, a flat sling, eye&eye sling straps, double eye sling, or simply an eye and eye sling. These flat webbing slings can be made with 1-ply, 2-ply, 3-ply or 4-ply thickness.

    Endless webbing slings

    Endless webbing slings are extremely versatile lifting slings because they can be used in all 3 hitch styles: choker hitch sling, vertical hitch sling or basket hitch sling. Its round design also allows you to rotate the wear points each time you use it, which will extend the life of the sling. However, a load may shift more in an endless sling compared to a traditional eye & eye type sling. 

    1-2-3-4-leg webbing sling

    Four configurations available: single leg, double leg, triple leg, or quad leg.


    - Lighter in weight than a similarly-sized wire rope or chain sling, reducing the total weight of the lift.

    - Each leg of a webbing bridle sling will stretch about 3% at rated capacity which helps the sling absorb shock.

    - A polyester web won’t conduct electricity like wire rope or chain slings.

    - Multiple legs allow the bearing points to be rotated, extending the life of the sling.

    - Available in two different plies for a range of applications, from heavy duty applications to work as a light duty web bridle slings.

    - A large master link allows for sling hooks to connect quickly, and eliminates hook crowding.

    - 2-, 3-, and 4-leg styles can be used in different hitches, for excellent versatility.

    Round sling

    Benefits of polyester round lifting slings

    Pliable. The flexible, pliable design of a round sling allows it to adjust to the contours and hug a load better than other types of lifting slings.

    Durable. Polyester offers exceptional resistance to mildew and rot since it won’t absorb water. Because the jacket surrounds the sling, it keeps dirt, grease, oil, abrasions, and UV degradation from compromising the load-bearing core. The jacket also offers protection to the load from scratches, marring, etc.

    Convenience. The lightweight design of a nylon lift sling makes it extremely easy to handle and store when not in use.

    Strength. Because polyester roundslings are manufactured using a continuous strand of polyester fiber, it creates exceptional strength.

    Versatile. Both eye & eye and endless round slings can be used in vertical, choker, or basket hitches, so they’re ideal for a wide variety of applications.

    Color coded jacket. Round slings are manufactured with a colored fabric jacket based on the weight capacities of the sling. This makes it easy to recognize the weight ratings at a glance. Each sling also has identification tags to indicate size, type, and capacity.

  • Wire rope sling


    Wire rope slings are by far the most common type of lifting-handling devices. Wire ropes slings are designed for use as lifting devices in industrial enterprises and warehouse facilities, river and sea ports, shipbuilding and nuclear industry, railway transport.

    For the manufacture of wire rope slings a rope is used without external lubrication in accordance with ГОСТ 7668-80, ГОСТ 2688-80 and components which are made of alloy steel grade G80.

    LLC "Azovtranskomplect" makes wire rope slings according to ДСТУ B В.2.8-10-98.


    - high strength and durability;

    - maintainability;

    - widespread, availability;

    - universality of application;

    - gradual destruction of the sling during overload, that allows you to notice it in the early stages;

    Additional Features

    Possibility to make slings from galvanized rope.

    The ability to complete the wire rope slings at the request of the Customer:

    - not a standard link and working elements (eye-foundry hook, link, shackles)

    - lifting tools (vertical, horizontal clamps, clamps for drums)

    The possibility of producing combined rope slings complete with webbing or chain slings.

    Eye & Eye wire rope slings are rugged and reliable and a very popular choice among wire slings. The eyes are formed using secured with a carbon steel sleeve or by braided.

    Round wire rope sling - are formed using secured with a carbon steel sleeve or by braided.

    1 leg wire rope sling - manufactured with a carbon steel sleeve; end options range from a latched eye hook to a simple eye design. Our 1 leg wire rope slings are available in fifteen different diameters of rope. Custom options are also an option.

    2 leg wire rope sling - this sling offers increased versatility over a sling with just a single leg. Manufactured with a carbon steel sleeve; end options range from a latched eye hook to a simple eye design. Our 2 leg wire rope slings are available in fifteen different diameters of rope. Custom options are also an option.

    4 leg wire rope sling - offers the ultimate in versatility. Legs can be fitted with hardware of your choosing, from simple eye formations to heavy duty hooks, it results in a sling customized to your exact application needs. Our 4 leg wire rope slings are available in fifteen different diameters of rope.

  • Chain slings

    Chain lifting slings are ideal for applications when extra strength is required, or environmental hazards such as chemicals or excessive heat may be present. Chain slings are also an excellent choice if customization is required. Standard and adjustable slings can be configured a number of ways to ensure they meet the needs of the lift.

    Standard chain sling. Features one, two, three, or four lengths of chain, each with a sling hook with latch at the end, and attached to a master oblong link at the top.

    Adjustable chain sling. Designed with the same leg configuration as a standard chain sling, but also has one-four 6 inch lengths of chain with a grab hook also attached to the oblong. This enables the operator to shorten the length of the leg as needed.


    - high strength and durability;

    - maintainability;

    - the ability to use slings at high temperatures;

    - the use of slings without protective lining is allowed when working with loads with a sharp edge;

    - Suitable for work in aggressive environmental conditions;

    - compactness during transportation;  

    Working Conditions and Security Measures

    The temperature regime of operation of chain slings from -40С° to + 400С°. In this case, at temperatures from -40C° to + 200C°, no loss of load capacity occurs, with further increase in temperature, the load capacity of the lines is reduced. Heating the chain and end elements above + 200C° followed by cooling in air entails a change in the structural state of the metal and a decrease in mechanical properties.

    One leg chain slings are extremely versatile since they can also be used for load securing and pulling. They should be used with vertical hitches in a lift. Also called a single leg chain sling in the industry, ours are manufactured with a master oblong and a sling hook with a latch, but other end fittings can be custom-ordered.  

    A two-three-four leg chain sling has two lengths of chain connected to a master link. Hooks are fitted on the ends, and the hook types can be chosen based on application need; options available include a grab hook, latched sling hook, foundry hook. Master links instead of hooks are also a possible configuration.  

    Endless chain slings G80

    Chain slings with closed branches

    Transport chains

    Transport Chain is a standard link grade 80 chain made using high-strength / low-alloy carbon steel. The process that gives high grade transport chain it's strength is heat treating process. The combination of material and heat treating provides a more suitable chain strength for stabilizing heavy loads. Truck drivers have many names for this type of transport chain calling it binder chain, binding chain, boomer chain, load chain, and coil chain.