• Webbing tape

    Textile tape made from high-strength synthetic PES-fiber (polyester) is used for the manufacture of cargo belt slings, tie-down and towing belts and other means of lifting and securing cargo.

    Labeling of the tape on the workload:

    -color (from purple to orange);

    - number of longitudinal strips: each strip - 1t of load (when the tape works in two layers).

  • Steel rope

    Steel rope   6х36 (1+7+7/7+14)+1о.с. is universal for lifting and traction devices and mechanisms. Used in the production of our lifting wire rope slings.

    Application area:

    Used as lifting cables on: portal cranes, bridge cranes, ship cranes, truck cranes, excavators, winches, for the manufacture of lifting slings, cable cars.

  • Lifting Chain

    The main purpose is to use as a load chain in the manufacture of chain slings according to DSTU EN 818-2. Made of high-alloy steel, conforming to DIN 5687. The safety factor for use in chain slings is 4: 1.

  • Links
  • Hooks
  • Thimbles
  • Sleeve

    SLEEVE in aluminum have been developed to cater for a variety of needs and applications.

    The SLEEVE OVAL system is easy to use. It is quick, safe and has proved itself to be totally reliable. It is far more efficient than all other swaging methods on the market.