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    Chain hoist - a universal mechanism for lifting and horizontal movement of goods. Universality of hoists is the possibility of using them both for lifting a wide variety of goods and for use in various types of production: from a repair shop to a shop with a constant output of products. Azovtranskomplekt provide hand chain hoist, electric chain hoist and electric rope hoist.

  • Winches
  • Jacks
  • Snatch blocks
    • Manufactured from the highest quality steel.
    • Available in sizes from 1 tonnes to 10tonnes.
    • Available for wire rope sizes 11 mm to 33 mm.
    • Supplied with model number, wire diameter and working load limit.
    • Supplied with test certs.
  • Wire rope pulling hoists

    The wire rope pulling hoist is an extremely versatile and portable unit for pulling, lifting, lowering and securing loads, that is both easy and safe to operate. It comes in three sizes with capacities of 800kg, 1600kg and 3200kg.

    Also commonly known as grip hoists, are winches that use self-gripping jaws instead of spools to move rope or wire through the winch. Powered by moving a handle back and forth, they allow one person to move objects several tons in weight.

    All hoists are supplied complete with 20 meter wire rope and an extendable operating lever.

    Wire rope is tapered one end and fitted with a hook and safety catch at the other end.

    The hoist has low maintenance requirements and is easy to service.

    Overload protection ensures high personal safety when in operation.

    Specially built-in shear pins can be replaced without removing the load.

    For increased safety and protection, a replaceable shear pin automatically breaks in the event of overload.

  • Plate lifting clamps

    Plate lifting clamps are used to securely hold metal products as they are lifted and moved. Basically widely used in industry when working with sheet metal and other rolled metal.

    Plate lifting clamps are distinguished by their holding method and are divided into horizontal and vertical. Clamps for horizontal movement work in a pair (or four). At the same time, to move a sheet of metal in a vertical position, you can use a single clamp and displacement. Basically widely used in industry when working with sheet metal and other rolled metal.

    There are also magnetic clamps for metal, which, due to a powerful neodymium magnet, securely hold the metal load during its lifting and moving.

    When choosing a plate lifting clamps, pay attention to the following characteristics:

    • wll
    • capture method
    • grip width

    If you doubt the choice, call us and we will be happy to help you decide.

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