Electric winches KCD

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The snatch block (polyspast) is NOT included in the package, if necessary, ordered separately.

The KCD 1 winch with the rope of 60 m - 220v or 380v. Electric winches are used to movement of the load. This type of winches is used, as a rule, on industrial facilities. The main benefit in front of other similar devices put in action by means of physical force it is possible to call the high speed of operation of the winch, and also convenience in the course of its operation.

(380 v)
(380 v)
(220 v)
(380 v)
(380 v)
Pulling force, kg300/600300/600500/1000500/1000750/15001000/2000
Length of rope, m 30/40/50/60 30/40/50/60 30/40/50/60 30/40/50/60 60 60
The calculated winding speed of the rope on the first layer, m/min 7-14 7-14 7-14 7-14 7-14 7-14
Operating voltage, v 380 (50 Hz) 220 (50 Hz) 380 (50 Hz) 220 (50 Hz) 380 (50 Hz) 380 (50 Hz)
Engine power, kW 0,6 1,1 1,1 2,5 1,5 3,0
Diameter of the rope, mm 6,2 6,2 6,5 6,5 8,1 11,5
Noise level at work, dB 76 76 78 78 78 78
Motor protection level ip-44 ip-40 ip-44 ip-40 ip-44 ip-44
Control cable length, m 1,75 1,75 1,6 1,6 1,6 1,6
Operating temperature, degree С от -20 до +40 от -20 до +40 от -20 до +40 от -20 до +40 от -20 до +40 от -20 до +40
Operating mode S3 - 40% S3 - 20% S3 - 40% S3 - 20% S3 - 40% S3 - 40%
Dimensions, mm 530х220х330 530х203х330 530х260х360 530х260х360 - -
Weight, kg 38 32 50 47 68 156

Coating Coloring
Temperature range of application from -20°С to +40 °С
Guarantee period 3 months
Operating voltage, V 220/380
Equipment Passport

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